The triumph of hope over fear

Welcome to Tulay’s Words January 5, 2011

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Hi fellow internet-browsers, soul-searchers, procrastinators, idlers, existentialists searching for meaning, artistic people, potential friends, fierce critics, welcome to this blog!

The purpose of this blog is to combine my love of writing with my desire to help people and to learn from others.  In particular I will focus many of my articles on:

  • finding your ideal career in spite of the recession
  • finding meaning in life
  • expressing your true self despite the adversity
  • learning the art of happiness

One of the things that I have learned is that it is extremely satisfying to be yourself in this world.

I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to change yourself to fit society’s expectations unless you are happy doing that.

I urge you to follow your wildest dreams and to not settle for second best! Life is too short to be doing something that does not make you feel truly alive!

In this day and age we are extremely privileged to have so many choices and opportunities coming our way.  Most of us in the developed world have:

  • participated in further and higher education, which has enabled us to broaden our horizons.
  • undertaken more foreign travel than past generations, which has given us insight into doing things a different way.
  • free and ready access to one of the most powerful tools in the world – the internet.

All this combined has developed limitless potential in us  and has given us the tools to realize that potential!

Yes we face many obstacles and difficulties.  The recession is making us poorer and less secure in many ways.  On pracically every corner of the world conflict is taking place.  The earth’s environment is changing, excessive pollution and the depletion of the earth’s resources are putting a strain on the planet’s ability to renew itself.  Excessive competition means a university degree no longer offers a job for life in a prosperous company.  In short we are surrounded by worry and fear.

What happens when old-fashioned tried and tested methods are no longer making sense or are obsolete because the world is rapidly changing?  Are you, like me, striving to find your own way?  Or are you trying to change the path that you followed so blindly upon the advice of others, thinking that it would bring you happiness but realize that to be not the case?

Welcome to a blog that views life from a different perspective.  From the perspective of a person who wants an authentic life filled with hope and optimism rather than doom and gloom.

I have seen too many people my age complaining about the world we have inherited yet not taking any practical solutions to develop themselves and change their reactions to the state of things.

Why complain about the injustice of being denied a prosperous life when we know deep down that money does not make us happy and that security is an illusion and is gained at a great cost to our personal freedom?

What if we could make up our own rules?   What it we could redefine the world by refusing to be defined by others?  Why be ruled by fear when you could choose to be hopeful?

In the words of artists Bayles and Orland, this is about “committing your future to your own hands, placing free will above predestination, choice above chance.”

It is about finding yourself.  Welcome, I look forward to engaging in dialogue with people interested in finding a new way.